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Cheeky Wash
Cheeky Wash
Cheeky Wash
Cheeky Wash
Cheeky Wash
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We don't just have sex at home.  Cheeky Wash is for when we have sex everywhere else! 

Whether it be for preparation or clean-up, Cheeky Wash is an anti-bacterial, unfragranced body wash that gently and effectively cleans and moisturises leaving you fresh and odour free, without the need to use water. Cheeky Wash can be used with or without the amazing, magical morphing expandable wipes. 

Already used within the NHS and MOD, the formulation has been tweaked to make it anti-bacterial and fragrance-free for use even on your most intimate areas. Cheeky Wash is paraben-free, pH balanced and alcohol-free to ensure that it’s mild, kind and gentle to your skin.  Cheeky Wash is ideal for:

Any sex away from home
One nights stands
Car sex
Swing parties
Sex workers
When you don't want to go home smelling of sex or soap! (you naughty people)

Cheeky Wash. Be squeaky clean!
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